fern rescue dog rehoming service

volountary dog re homing and rescue service

Welcome to Fern Rescue

Welcome to Fern Rescue     

Fern Rescue is a volountary organisation in Glasgow set up to re home dogs in times of need.

We achieve this through a series of volounteer foster homes .

We believe that dogs should only be re homed with suitable homes and do home checks before re homing the dogs with their new owners.

Rescued dogs are usually neutered or speyed before being placed with their new owners to prevent breeding, unwanted pups and cancers and infections.

If for any reason the new home does not work out we require the dog to be returned to us for re homing.

You can contact us if you are looking to foster, wanting to give a rescued dog a new home or are looking for a new home for your dog.

We can be contacted through this site, through the facebook page


or by calling 0141 643 0268